Tuesday, September 26, 2006

C++ After Java

It's true!! I have been assigned to a project requiring me to program in C++. I have to leave my beloved Java programming language and move back in with C++ again. It is now about ten years since I last worked with either C or C++. It occurred to me that there might be others who have been in the same predicament, so I did a Google search on "moving from Java to C++". Lo and behold! It came up with a page with exactly the same title. There is some good stuff there that refreshed my memory about C++. Others might find it useful, too; so here is the link: Moving from Java to C++

I backtracked the link to www.horstmann.com which turned out to be the home page of Cay Horstmann, a computer science professor at San Jose State University and an author of many books on C++, Java and object-oriented programming including Core Java from Sun Microsystems Press. I found it interesting and checked out Cay's blog, too. Good stuff for Java and OO-technology afficionados.

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