Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Hello, world!

Well, well, well... my first post. Thinking of how to start off, I was reminded of the first program that is traditionally written by anyone learning a new programming language (or, at the least, was written in the days that I was learning my first programming languages). On the same lines, blogging is a new way for me to communicate with the world, so this is it - the "Hello World" post.

As the blog name indicates (hopefully), the theme of my posts will be software and information technology. This is intended to include the technical, human and business aspects of the software development process, methodologies, tools, frameworks (e.g., J2EE - now rebranded to Java Platform, Enterprise Edition or Java EE, in short) and IT industry news. I reserve the right to occasionally deviate from this theme and that is what the "and Everything" denotes, but I don't expect these deviations to be too far off from the main theme.

P.S.: Fans of Douglas Adams will recognize the play on "Life, the Universe and Everything", part 3 of a trilogy in four (now five) parts. I do hope that I am not infringing on any copyright by basing my blog's name on this book title.

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